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Place For Lovers

  Place For Lovers Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
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1.33 /10
Marcello Mastroianni , Faye Dunaway , Caroline Mortimer
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Directed by: Vittorio de Sica
Written by: Peter Baldwin, Ennio de Concini, Tonino Guerra, Julian Halevy, Cesare Zavattini

Released: 1969
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 102

Dying US fashion designer (Faye Dunaway) finds late love with Italian engineer (Marcello Mastroianni).
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Trashy fatal disease romancer along the lines of the later Love Story - but much, much more boring and pretentious.


Looks not so much directed as whittled to death.

(Rex Reed)

The most godawful piece of pseudo-romantic slop Iíve ever seen!... Even a director who had made no movies would have a hard time making one as bad as this.

(Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times)

"The worst movie I have seen all year and possibly since 1926. It is endlessly, interminably, paralyzingly, stupefyingly bad... I found myself resenting having to commit two hours of my life to this posturing and phony piece of derivative melodramatics. It isnít even an interesting failure.

(Charles Champlin, Los Angeles Times)

Woefully inept... Marcello Mastroianni displays all the zest of a man summoned up for tax evasion. The five scriptwriters who supposedly worked on the film must have spent enough time at the water-cooler to flood a camel. The only smidgen of plot is that Dunaway makes a late abortive attempt at suicide, something the film successfully achieves after about ten minutes.


The one distinction this sickly melodrama has is that it succeeds in making not only Miss Dunaway but Marcello Mastroianni appear to be the worst actress and actor ever to darken the silver screen... about as exciting to watch as a game of tiddly-winks.

(Kathleen Carroll, New York Daily News)

A pretentious and overwrought tale... unfailingly boring.

(Stanley Newman, Cue)


(Dean Holzapple, Hollywood Citizen-News)

A dismal mess... schmaltz.

(Roger Greenspun, New York Times)

Glutinous tearjerker... singularly unaffecting.

(Monthly Film Bulletin)

The luxury of how the rich die! And, oh, the lethargy of it, too! Five scriptwriters have laboured - collectively or consecutively, it's not stated- to do as little as possible in the way of providing a story.

(Alexander Walker)

Marks career low-points for Dunaway, Mastroianni, De Sica.

(Leonard Maltin, Maltin's Movie & Video Guide, 2004)

A dish of tripe, has Faye Dunaway raging to live before she dies (of costume changes we suspect).

(Judith Crist, long after release)

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