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Mark of an Angel

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  Mark of an Angel Review
Tookey's Rating
7 /10
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6.25 /10
Catherine Frot , Sandrine Bonnaire , Wladimir Yordanoff
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Directed by: Safy Nebbou
Written by: Safy Nebbou, Cyril Gomez-Mathieu

Released: 2008
Genre: DRAMA
Origin: France
Length: 95

Improbable true story, extremely well acted.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Excellent performances by two of France’s most talented actresses are the main reason to see this Gallic psycho-drama, about a working-class woman (Catherine Frot, pictured right) who becomes convinced that her dead baby daughter is alive, and living with a prosperous middle-class family.

At first, she keeps her feelings to herself, but gradually her obsession leads her into all-out, animalistic conflict with the young girl’s aggrieved mother (Sandrine Bonnaire, pictured left).

This film looks for most of its length like a horror movie waiting to happen, and director/ co-writer Safy Nebbou deliberately sets up echoes of such Hollywood slasher films as Single White Female, Fatal Attraction and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

But this movie is based on a true story, and the denouement is so improbable that it can only be true.

This is a curious and unusual film, but more admirable than enjoyable. You feel so much for the two central characters that it becomes a painful, rather than entertaining, watch.
But I was never bored, and those two performances – both of them watchful, reserved and deeply anguished - will stick in my mind for a long time.

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