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My Best Friend's Girl

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  My Best Friend's Girl Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
2.92 /10
Dane Cook , Kate Hudson , Jason Biggs
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Directed by: Howard Deutch
Written by: Jordan Cahan

Released: 2008
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 101

This picture is so terrible that the distributors didn’t show it to the national critics. They’re still happy to advertise it, though, and inflict it on the public. It’s the latest sleazy comedy to “star” the appalling Dane Cook (pictured right), whose previous calamities have included Employee of the Month and the uniquely repellent Good Luck Chuck.
Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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He plays Tank, a smug, sexist imbecile with a reputation for seducing and then alienating women so much that they rush back gratefully to their former boyfriends. He’s hired to do just that by Dustin (Jason Biggs), who wants to get back together with Alexis (Kate Hudson, pictured left) but guess what? Tank falls for Alexis.

This is one of those films that would be enormously improved by the arrival of a hundred, crazy Somali pirates putting the entire cast to death.

Biggs plays a whiny, snivelling creep who doesn’t deserve a pet goldfish, let alone a girlfriend. Hudson plays a woman so smutty, stupid and sozzled, that Paris Hilton would be an attractive alternative. Cook is so obnoxious that his ultra-predictable lurch into being a sentimental nice-guy never carries the slightest plausibility.

Two decades ago, director Howard Deutch made Pretty in Pink, but more recently he’s made a string of stinking sequels including Grumpier Old Men, The Odd Couple II and The Whole Ten Yards. It is high time he was stopped, if necessary by Somali pirates.

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