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Saw V

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  Saw V Review
Tookey's Rating
2 /10
Average Rating
2.75 /10
Jigsaw/John - Tobin Bell, Hoffman - Costas Mandylor
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Directed by: David Hackl
Written by: Patrick Melton, Marcus Dunstan

Released: 2008
Origin: US
Colour: C
Length: 88

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The killings are sadistic and gory, which is all you can ask for this late in the franchise.
(Maitland McDonagh, Time Out Chicago)
This takes the gratuitous gore of those Ď80s franchises to new levels of sadism and nihilism. But how gratuitous is it? This isnít Jason or Freddy just mindlessly offing teenagers with no real purpose to it. One of the most intriguing aspects of Saw and itsí villain Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) is the moral slant on each victim- turning their moral weakness into a lesson to be learned for past transgressions in a sort of trial by fire, which will likely have lasting physical repercussions for the individual... The people behind the camera may have changed- though still executive producers, original creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell have given way to new blood in the writing/directing departments (this time, Saw veteran David Hackl is behind the camera as director) - but the formula, such as it is, remains the same. The same gritty locations covered in shadows. The same frustrated victims too impatient to think through their situations. The same pulsing and propulsive fear music by Charlie Clouser. The same blood-curdling gore. And the same last act twist that turns the entire story on itsí ear. And you know what? The same visceral jolt for fans who canít wait for the next Halloween to see where Jigsaw takes things next.
(Brian Skutle, Sonic Cinema)

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