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Don't Look Now

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  Don't Look Now Review
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8 /10
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7.56 /10
Donald Sutherland . Julie Christie , Hilary Mason, Clelia Matania
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Directed by: Nicolas Roeg
Written by: Allan Scott, Chris Bryant from Daphne du Maurier’s story

Released: 1973
Origin: GB/ Italy
Length: 110

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Begins brilliantly but loses its compulsive thread in a maze of gloomy canals.
This is the fanciest, most carefully assembled enigma yet put on the screen. Nicolas Roeg is a chillingly chic director; the picture is an example of high-fashion gothic sensibility. It seems to say what Joseph Losey never dared to but what the audience for Losey’s films was always responding to: that decay among the rich and beautiful is sexy. Venice, the labyrinthine city of pleasure, with its crumbling, leering gargoyles, is obscurely, fright- eningly sensual here, and an early sex sequence with Christie and Sutherland nude in bed, intercut with their post-coital mood as they dress to go out together, has an extraordinary erotic glitter. Dressing is splintered and sensualized, like fear and death. Using du Maurier as a base, Roeg comes closer to getting Borges on the screen than those who have tried it directly, but there’s a distasteful clamminess about the picture. Roeg’s style is in love with disintegration.
(Pauline Kael, New Yorker)

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