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  Reverb Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
2.00 /10
Leo Gregory, Eva Birthistle,

Directed by: Eitan Arrusi
Written by: Eitan Arrusi

Released: 2008
Origin: UK
Length: 88

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A great and original concept gone to waste more or less due to bad editing and questionable directing. The movie is way too dark and the flashy scenes are overpowering and disorienting. It's got a lot of potential but I wish that it had actually lived up to its potential rather than fall as flat as it did.
Hopeless... It appears to have been shot through dirty glass and edited in a blender - it may drive you mad.
(Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph)
Arrusi fails to make this at all scary, and falls back on the old cop-out of jump cuts and loud, screechy noises.
(Edward Porter, Sunday Times)

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