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Named and Shamed:
By Chris Tookey

Daily Mail film critic Christopher Tookey has spent 25 years compiling this hilarious collection of movie reviews, which includes some of the funniest, best and most astute criticism that has ever been published. Author Christopher Tookey and a host of critics, from the celebrated to the obscure, provide feedback on some of the biggest films to have reached our screens, indexed by actor or actress and presented alphabetically.

Many of the most famous people of the last 100 years are here from Woody Allen to Will Ferrell and Andrew Lloyd Webber to Julia Roberts. No celebrity is left unscathed, with short one-liner comments to paragraph reviews, such as:

"To my eye, {Daniel} Radcliffe still looks like the teenage offspring of Hitler and a gay owl."
(Robbie Collin, News of the World)

Christopher takes inspiration from books including Diana Rigg's No Turn Unstoned and Matthew Parris' Scorn. Named & Shamed is guaranteed to make you laugh at least once per page and will appeal greatly to the general reader and in particular to all film fans.

"Deriving pleasure from others misery is not an elevating pastime, and I am not proud of how much I enjoyed this book. But I could not put it down."
(Julian Fellowes, English actor, novelist, film director and Oscar-winning screenwriter)

"A great read, great fun. It shows, delightfully, what thoroughly nasty, spiteful people movie critics can be."
(Barry Norman, English novelist, impresario, film critic and media personality)

"A comprehensive tribute to the neglected heroism of film critics, who watch awful performances so the public doesn’t have to, warning them off with dark, savage wit."
(David Gritten, Film Writer, Daily Telegraph)

"A deliciously vicious anthology of malignancy… It belongs in the smallest room, and I don't doubt that many of us will slavishly memorise our favourite quotes about our least favourite artistes."
(Jeni Barnett, LBC Radio and TV Presenter)

"A brilliant almanac for anyone who has ever doubted the wit and wisdom of critics."
(James Christopher, Film Critic, The Times)

"A blockbuster of critical barbs."
(Henry Fitzherbert, Film Critic, Sunday Express)

"I was amused."
(Philip French, Film Critic, Observer)
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