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Carry On Emmanuelle

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   Carry On Emmanuelle Review
Tookey's Rating
1 /10
Average Rating
1.86 /10
Suzanne Danielle, Kenneth Williams (pictured), Kenneth Connor
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Directed by: Gerald Thomas
Written by: Lance Peters

Released: 1978
Origin: GB
Length: 88


The wife (Suzanne Danielle) of the impotent French ambassador in London (Kenneth Williams) has sexual adventures.

Reviewed by Chris Tookey

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Embarrassingly feeble parody of the Emmanuelle sex films - lame, tame and not very funny at all. So awful was it that the series never recovered. It was the last Carry On film for fourteen years, until the equally abysmal Carry On Columbus in 1992.
"The relentless phallic innuendo is as labored as makers' determination to show nothing to worry the censor. Leaden comic timing compares poorly with TV sitcoms which pic otherwise resembles in production values."
"Put together with an almost palpable contempt for its audience. this relentless sequence of badly written badly timed dirty jokes is surely one of the most morally and aesthetically offensive pictures to emerge from a British studio."
(Philip French)
"It's rather like watching endearing elderly relatives disgracing themselves at a party."
(Andy Medhurst, Sight & Sound)

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